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Parsing YAML Frontmatter From Markdown in .NET

Use popular libraries to parse and deserialize frontmatter content.

Aug 2022

BulkRedirects Library for .NET

Handle multiple redirects in .NET websites from a plaintext config file.

Apr 2022

When Should You Use FoundationDB?

A fast, scalable, reliable database for building databases.

Mar 2022

Lowering in Programming

How high-level language constructs are implemented by low-level methods.

Jan 2022

UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

Popular Javascript UI libraries for React, Vue and others.

May 2021

30 Things Learned from Jon Boorman

Major lessons from a great investor.

Oct 2020

Search Systems and Libraries

List of search systems and libraries that can be used as alternatives to ElasticSearch.

Jun 2020

Authentication, Authorization, OAuth, and Identity

An overview of user auth and how it works with modern security protocols like OAuth.

Feb 2020

Postgres Naming Scheme with Npgsql and Entity Framework

Transform PascalCase names for better compatibility in relational tables and columns.

Nov 2019

Hyperloop: An Impractical Possibility

Is the Hyperloop actually a feasible idea?

Aug 2019

Serilog Sink for Fast Console Logging

Logging sink for Serilog console output in high-throughput scenarios.

Jul 2019

The Best Data Type for Currency in Databases

Use integers instead of decimals.

Jun 2019

Fuzzy Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

Use Postgres FTS utilities to implement fuzzy matching without other extensions.

Feb 2019

Rich Text Editors and Frameworks

List of modern rich-text editors and frameworks to build editors.

Jan 2019

Serilog Sink for Google Cloud Logging

Serilog sink to write structured logs to Google Cloud.

Sep 2017

Ad Blocking: A Primer

Overview of how online ads are served and various adblocking techniques.

Jan 2017

MarTech Thesis (2016)

A thesis on the state of the adtech industry and coming chnages used as the foundation for a pivot for my last startup.

Jan 2016

SQL, NoSQL, ACID and the CAP Theorem

Fundamentals of database design and implementation with ACID and CAP.

Dec 2011