Hello, my name is Mani

(pronounced "money")

Learned HTML when I was 10 and have been building websites and writing software ever since. Studied biomedical engineering at UC Davis, computer engineering at CSUN and now exploring mechnical design for side projects.

Full-stack developer from Linux drivers to React components. Most of my experience is in adtech which is the perfect convergence of massive scale, high throughput, and low-latency.

I've built 3 ad platforms from concept to revenue-generating products, as a solo/lead engineer responsible for everything from complex UI consoles, backend systems handing billions of requests/day, data processing and ML pipelines across TBs/day, and global infrastructure with Kubernetes and private networks across several cloud providers and regions.

Business veteran of 15 years consulting with, working for, and founding startups. I've hired sales and engineering teams and grown ventures to 8-figure revenues.

Active daytrader in equities, derivatives and crypto. Love the thrill of hunting for opportunties and competing against the market.

Avid gamer with countless hours in RTS and RPGs like Command & Conquer, Mass Effect, Fallout, Deus Ex, and more. Will forever love Tribes 2 for all the good times chasing the flag. VGW/VGS for those who know.

Professional History

Instinctive - Storytelling platform for the Fortune 500

Built double-sided native ad network for demand-side and supply-side clients, integrated with major ad exchanges, to bring real-time bidding and attention metrics to native. Created unique turnkey "Fully Native" formats serving full-length articles, video, and social media posts on publisher sites without driving the user off-site.

Nativo - Leading native advertising platform and SSP

Architectured, designed and built the first native ad platform while the format was still nascent in the industry. Guided growth to full-featured supply-side platform for publishers with unified auction mechanics.

AdSupply - Ad network focued on direct-response performance advertising

Redesigned and scaled next-gen ad serving architecture for high-impact ad formats. Migrated infrastructure from legacy to modern colo and built several support services from system observability to custom support integration.

AutoMD - Online automotive self-diagnostics and repair network lead gen

Managed initial offshore team then built the next version of the platform. Invented proprietary survey system to walk users through dynamic and customized questions to diagnose problems with their vehicle. Provided solutions with feedback-based learning system (using very early ML tech) and funneled into service shop lead gen. Ran tech operations and deployment across entire repair center network.

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